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Quality Travel Accessories

Security Travel Accessories

We spent time making sure that our travel garments are made from the best quality and most comfortable backings.

Security Travel Accessories

Our security garments have built in RFID linings to protect our customers from electronic ID theft.

Quality - Lifetime Warranties

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Bought the Best Money Belt for my husband and daughter for a trip to Paris. It was perfect. Really like the way it fit snugly around the waist. In most cases you couldn’t even see it. The funny thing is I am using it everyday around the house to keep my cell phone in. Now, it’s with me all the time. So comfortable, I forget I have it on. When I take my walks the Best Money Belt goes with me holding everything I need hands free. Love this belt!!! I reviewed a lot of money belts before I selected the Best Money Belt, so glad I did. Willow

Just came back from Italy and the locks worked great! I truly believe the TSA approved locks keep your stuff safe and give the TSA the confidence that you have nothing to hide from them except keeping thieves out. A super strong lock and we look forward to using them again when we travel in the near future! 5 stars Ody!!!




The pouch is just as described on Amazon. It has several pockets so very convenient to store different things. Though I have not used it as yet, I did put my passport in and found the pocket deep enough for that to fit in. However, don’t expect to carry all your travel documents in this pouch since that is not its purpose. It is body hugging and suitable for passport, credit cards and cash. Good buy for me!!!

  Elizabeth B

The Best Travel Accessories

For five years Ody Travel Gear has produced the highest quality travel accessories. Every product has free returns and a lifetime warranty.
We  love our customers and will do everything we can to make sure you have the best experience with us.
All of our Products come with a Lifetime Warranty.

We uphold the highest level of customer care and all of our products are highly rated.

Following purchase, you will have the opportunity to register your product with us.

We stand by our products and our customers.

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